Chiropracter and Physical Therapy Testimonials

Before I had my first DRS treatment two weeks ago I was in great pain in my mid and lower back extending all the way down the left leg to my ankle. After the very first session I was able to lie on and sleep on my left side for the first time in seven or eight months. That has been the most dramatic change. But with every session my comfort and resiliency seem to be increasing noticeably. My extreme knee pain has also greatly diminished, even though it was supposedly not related to the spine. Before DRS my hips were so painful I could barley stretch or flex them, even while in bed. I have purchased medication drugs online. Now I can stretch and move almost painlessly. I have been told by a previous doctor that I would need to have a series of painful shots into my hip socket that might help. I am glad that this treatment is available to people like me who have been told, "They have no other hope".
Caryl F.

I have had chronic low back pain for about one year after having a laminectomy twenty years ago. It was hard for me too get out of bed in the mornings and do certain types of housework. Since the DRS treatment I am able to get out of bed easier and have less pain during the day. Today I'm pain free.
Bonnie S.

I have had sciatica over the past 12 years off and on. I have had chronic lower back pain for the past 3 years. I have tried Chiropractic, back strengthening exercises, and muscle relaxants without any significant success. Standing and walking had become difficult to do without pain. After two weeks of DRS treatments I have experience prolonged periods without pain when I am walking or standing. Overall I estimate the improvement in my mobility at about 50-60% in just two weeks.
Carrie Calmere

I had a car accident in 2001 in which I injured some discs in my lower back. I had tried some Chiropractic treatments before beginning the DRS. Now I can take care of myself normally without pain, and I feel about 95% better. Most noticeably I can sit without being uncomfortable & bend over without any numbness in my legs. The DRS has really made a difference in my life. I am really happy with the results.
Heidi Smith

From the very first day I was greeted as a friend, being treated in a very courteous matter. After having severe lower back and left leg pain for about six months and having tried multiple medications I still wasn't getting any relief. I had difficulty with working, sleeping, sitting, walking, bending, and lifting. The pain was really affecting my daily routine. After about a month of DRS treatment, I began to feel much better. Now my pain has improved about 90% and I am feeling much better. I was constantly encouraged for my efforts and praised for even the smallest of improvements. I would definitely recommend Better Health, and I have passed on many of their cards to people and friends.
Diana S.

It's been a long haul and probably would have been longer if not for the DRS. What a great machine! I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend DRS treatment.
Donna T.

When I first saw Dr. Wells I had so much pain in my lower back I could not even stand up straight. I walked with a cane and just shuffled along. After just four treatments on the DRS machine, I could stand up straight and I was free of much of the pain. I have now completed the DRS protocol and I feel like a new person. I am very happy to recommend Dr. Wells and the DRS machine.
Carol Moon

Seven years ago I injured my lower back. I have done several other treatments in the past and they have only given me temporary relief. Now I am 100% better and I am very pleased to wake up in the morning without any lower back pain. This treatment is wonderful!
Ed Scully

For the past two years I have had pain in my hips, even after sleeping for a couple of hours. This has been severe enough to keep me tossing and rolling the rest of the night. I slept on my side and I had tried numerous pillow positions: between my legs, above my hips, etc. I could not sleep on my back. I used muscle relaxants, pain pills, and strong doses of sleeping pills to try to help with the pain. I called Better Health Pain and Wellness Center and set up an appointment. They put me on treatment called the DRS machine and the rest is history. As of this time my hip pain is gone and I am sleeping through the night. (Thank goodness!) I have also noticed something else. For years my lower back has been stiff and sore for the first hour or two after I got up in the morning. It has just been there so long I thought it was a part of living. After the first three sessions on the DRS machine I started to notice improvement of the morning stiffness. Right now I feel about 80% better. I heartily endorse this course of action for anyone with lower back problems or hip & leg pain.
Mel Hoversten

I have always had physically demanding jobs throughout my high school years. I have been advised a couple of times to have back operations but I never liked the idea that somebody would cut my back. After the first three weeks of DRS treatment I did not have any pain in my lower back at all. I would recommend anyone that has a back problem to try this treatment.
D. Michaels

Following a fall at work in the winter of 2001 my lower back pain had been increasing every day. The pain got so bad I could hardly drive or even walk. After finding out that I had two herniated discs in my lower back I sought treatment with the DRS system. The treatment felt very good and relaxing. After treatment I was able to move with ease again. After Physical Therapy I was able to return to work. The staff is warm and comforting and very informative.
P. Jacokes

I had a motor vehicle accident in December 2001. After the accident I had a lot of pain in my lower back, left knee, and hip. I felt extremely stiff and had difficulty bending over. I am still doing the DRS and have a little bit of pain but it is getting better. I am now able to walk sit and stand with out any pain.

Following an incident at work, I was having severe low back & upper back pain for a few weeks. After a couple of weeks my pain has lessened. It had been affecting everything I did. The Better Health staff is professional and supportive. I appreciate the "holistic approach" to treatment
Maria W.

After having chronic lower back pain for ten months, I can now sit and move without excruciating pain. I can exercise now & sit for hours at a time. I can work freely. The nerve damage seems to be gradually improving; after five weeks I am about 75% better.
Ed Biesecker

I've had severe chronic low back pain for about five years. The pain was not allowing me to do many of the things that we take for granted. Immediately following my first treatment, I began to improve. The staff at Better Health made me feel comfortable, & they have helped me where others have failed.
Lloyd S.

I had frequent upper back, neck, and shoulder pain for about five years that was affecting my work, my sleep, and my daily routine, but I was also having problems concentrating. I had tried massage and medications that would give temporary relief. Following one to two weeks of treatment I started to feel better. My pain has improved about 90% and I now can sleep better and read for longer periods of time. The professionalism and friendliness of Dr. Wells and his staff is outstanding.
Mignon Huffman

Following an injury at work, I had constant severe right shoulder pain for about one to three months that was affecting my work, my sleep, & my ability to lift things as well as my daily routine. About two to four weeks following the start of my care my pain began to significantly improve. At this time I feel that my shoulder problem is 90% solved. The staff was friendly and helpful and I would definitely recommend others to their office.
Lonnie Kimbrell

I have a physically demanding job, and have had frequent recurring lower back and neck pain for several weeks that was not only affecting my job but my daily routine. After one to two weeks I really started to notice a difference in my pain. After only ten visits my pain is about 70% improved. The quality of care is high and the staff is very friendly. They have done a great job of helping me feel better in just a short while.
J. Henzler

I experienced immediate relief of my mid back pain once I started treatment. I had injured my mid back at work and had frequent severe pain in that area. It was not only affecting my work, but also my ability to bend and lift. I can do more activities now, I can lift heavier things, and I feel that my pain is about 90% improved. I would definitely recommend others to Better Health Pain and Wellness Center.
David B.

I had frequent lower back and neck pain following a motor vehicle accident. After waiting a couple of months thinking the pain would go away, I decided to try treatment. The pain was affecting my work. I could not sit or read for long, which are very important in my job. In about two weeks my pain was significantly improved. I now feel 100% better. I had never had chiropractic care before this, but now I will refer friends and family.
Nathan M.

After having a car accident a couple months ago the pain still hadn't gone away. I had pain in my neck, shoulder, and down my left arm. The pain was frequently affecting my work, driving, and my daily routine. I have tried medications but the pain would not go away. After just a few days my pain had significantly improved and now after only one month of treatment my pain is about 90% improved. The staff is very friendly and I would recommend others for their unique combinations of treatments.
J. Diaz